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Behind The Screen - The Harms Of Cyberbullying 


Episode 1


“Behind The Screen - The Harms of Cyberbullying”, Hosted by Devin Moore, and Co-Host Psychiatrist Dr. Sundeep Randhawa. We have conversations about how to handle cyberbullying situations, mental health, and the #BehindTheScreen anti-cyberbullying curriculum.

Episode 2


Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr. Sundeep and I will be speaking with guests Shant'a Miller, Founder of Parents Against Bullying VA and Arlette Simmons, CEO of Clinical Services LLC.

Episode 3

Caroline Lubbers, Marketing Communications Director for Gabriel’s Light, offers advice about how to prevent youth suicide, talks about the signs, and how to stay safe when using the internet.

Episode 4

Devin and Dr. Randhawa are joined by Dr. Janet Awokoya, CEO of Dr Js Lounge, LLC, a racial, ethnic, and cross-cultural educational coaching and training company. 


Anti-Cyberbullying Curriculum

Receive Service Hours!

Bring #BehindTheScreen Chapters to your school and complete the activities for service hours.

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