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Understanding Bullying...

Bullying is unwanted and aggressive behavior aimed at the target. It is repeated and meant to hurt/inflict pain. It is not random and causes physical/psychological harm. Here is what we are doing to put an end to this bullying epidemic.



Our interactive workshop allows for participants to gain anti-bullying knowledge, learn about how to be upstanders, create effective solutions to this bullying epidemic, and educates them to bring a Call To Action that can be implemented in classrooms.

Race To Speak Up Against Bullying Workshop

Devin Speaks Up! Author Readings

We offer Storytime Readings of Devin Speaks Up! It also includes Question and Answer, Upstander Pledge, and Positive Affirmations call and response.

Youth Entrepreneurship Presentation

Allows participants to learn how to develop a business idea, leverage their network, and create a business. This interactive workshop helps start young changemakers in their entrepreneurship journey.

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Our educational and interactive Workshops and Presentations are in-person and virtual.
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