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At the age of 14, Devin became the Founder of #RaceToSpeakUp - an anti-bullying organization. Devin was inspired to make a positive change after being racially bullied in middle school. Devin is dedicated to getting a state antibullying law passed which will keep students safe in schools from bullying and implementing mandatory antibullying classes in schools. 

In addition to working towards anti-bullying legislation, Devin is pursuing his dreams by becoming a first time children's book author. Devin Speaks Up is about his experience of being bullied and through speak up about the bullying, Devin found his "Race To Speak Up" voice. The children's book speaks about the importance of being okay with being uniquely and beautifully different and loving who you are, speaking up to someone you trust about being bullied, and that kindness matters. It's not okay to be bullied. It's okay to be a friend. The story encourages kids to speak up and be upstanders for each other.

As a Humanity Rising Ambassador, Devin Hosts "Behind The Screen - The Harms of Cyberbullying" Webinar with Psychiatrist Dr. Sundeep Randhawa, where they discusses how to implement the #BehindTheScreen anti-cyberbullying curriculum into schools, mental health, and how to be a part of the positive change that puts an end to cyberbullying. 


Devin is the Host of Humanity Rising’s Race To Speak Up Podcast, where he interviews activists, business leaders, and entrepreneurs about how they are creating a positive change in their community.  


As an anti-bullying advocate, Devin is partnered with Parents Against Bullying Virginia and serves as its  he Bullying Buddy Enterprises.


Devin understands that it is time for change – a change for the better and plans to make that happen through his hard work and dedication for the bullying cause. Devin understands that people shouldn’t be mentally and physically traumatized from bullying because of their skin color, size, social class and sexuality.

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Let’s Get This Bullying Law Passed.

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