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"Let's use our voices
to promote
Positivity and Kindness!"

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I am the Founder of #RaceToSpeakUp -

an Anti-Bullying Organization. 

Through #RaceToSpeakUp, I educate about bullying prevention and empower youth to be upstanders!

As the Author of the Devin Speaks Up! Children's Anti-Bullying Book, I continue to educate about speaking up to someone you trust when dealing with bullying and spreading a message of unity.


I know one thing is for certain -  

I don’t want another kid to go through bullying and the pain caused by it. 

Listen to my Humanity Rising Race To Speak Up Podcast and

Behind The Screen - The Harms of Cyberbullying Webinar.


Antibullying Law-


I’m working to get anti-bullying legislation passed. This will include public and private schools reporting of bullying incidents to school superintendents. These incidents must then be recorded and posted online where parents can see the bullying reports. 

Each school website will have an ‘Antibullying’ icon and this will list the number of bullying incidents and how each was resolved. Personal information won’t be revealed. 


Mandatory Anti-Bullying Classes:

Teachers should first get an education about what bullying is and then apply the lessons they learned in the classroom. I believe there needs to be an effective plan in place to combat bullying, and that every school should have mandatory antibullying classes where students can reenact bullying situations. Students can openly discuss the different types of bullying (physical, social, cyber and verbal).

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